a golden hour image with reflection

Iphone image, no filter

So I’m insisting on that famous golden hour. And reflections. I loooove reflections nearly as much as silhouettes.

Looking at this picture taken with the phone it seems the most important thing in photography is to be in the right place at the right time. And so it is, if you have a camera with you.


‘The best camera is the one you have with you’

Yeah. I don’t know who said that.

I usually have my iPhone with me. The conclusion? I (and you) should probably go out for a walk every morning and every evening if there’s clear weather…

auto mode

well, shooting with the iPhone camera app is usually an auto-mode experience. But look at the possible results! The trick is to use the said reflection to enhance your image

how? move around!

test looking at the subject from various angles, until you find the angle which gives you the biggest reflective surface or simply the best result

single subject

the scarcity of elements allows the viewer to… admire the scenery

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Do you have a great reflection picture you are really proud of but didn’t dare to enter it in any competition? I’d love to give you a straight opinion and only publish if you agree.

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