selling your iPhone photos on Stockimo

You know those small ‘victories’ that make you smile and feel good about your work? It was just like that when I received my first #perfect score on Stockimo. So what is that?

Stockimo is a stock photography app. Just as any stock photo agency, Stockimo tries to sell your images while you retain the copyright. Your pictures can be sold on and on again to different buyers. You can also sell them yourself on other platforms. When using Stockimo the agency takes most of the money and you only get a commission – usually 20% – but they are able to sell much MUCH more than you would be by yourself.

Stockimo belongs to the highly reputed stock photo agency Alamy, claiming to be the world’s largest website for image buyers. Famous for its strict Quality Control (QC) checks, Alamy requires that your images are taken with a DSLR. (Their guide to digital cameras is a good read by the way)

This is where Stockimo comes in and gives you an opportunity to sell pictures taken with a mobile phone. Everyone has those! Why not give it a… shot?

The Stockimo app is so far iPhone (4 or above) only. As a user it costs you nothing to install and upload pictures.

Once you have the app you need to sign up for a user account. You also need to indicate how you will be paid in case any of your photos will sell. A common and easy way is of course to use PayPal.

That said, you can start uploading your favourites straight from your photo gallery. Add some tags – you want people to find whatever subject you are showing – and submit. Then wait. And wait!

After submission the images go through a manual approval process. This can result in days, sometimes weeks of waiting time for your grading to appear. Stockimo reviewers will analyse and grade your images with a score of maximum 4 (#perfect score). If your picture scores on average more than a 2 it will be accepted. And if it is accepted it goes on sale, directly!

This is honestly one of the easiest way to sell pictures I’ve even seen and I’ve seen quite a bunch.

If you know anyone who takes great iPhone pics feel free to share this! Check some other posts and follow me, there’s a lot more on the way! Good shooting!

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