a knowledge tree

A similar image is available in full format here

A good image is one that tells a story. Some say storytelling is a photographer’s main duty.

What do you see in the picture? If you see the tree trying to write a story, by shooting letter-like birds up in the air, then you too may be a dreamer 🙂

I see the tree as an old, lonely being that wants to say something now and then. It chose to do so when I was there to watch and I was honoured.

This image did not win any prizes yet. I took it last weekend. BUT the one I’m selling did receive a Picfair star! That means ‘it’s amongst the very best images uploaded to Picfair’! Yey! You can check it out in the image caption link, it’s very similar.

auto ISO

I was in a hurry. it was cold, windy and the birds were fast. you either catch them when they fly by or you miss the chance. ISO went auto. It could have been lower

f 1/6400 sec

no time to think much about this either. I didn’t want the birds to blur out from the speed so I had to shoot fast. maybe not THAT fast?

f/ 4,5

forgot the ISO was on auto and the LCD was showing great promises…

I wish I took the time to set up the camera a little better. One must remember to add a pair of gloves in the backpack, you know?

What settings would you use?

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