lens flare

A similar image (marked with a Picfair Star 🙂 is available in full format here

Lens flare is one of those things you want in some pictures and definitely don’t want in others.

You may like it in images such landscapes where you are going for a dreamy effect or artistic drama. Yet it would be completely out of place in photos where full clarity of the subject is required.

if you want lens flare

you’ll need a sunny day or a strong source of light. you’ll need to shoot in the general direction of the sun or source of light. mornings or evenings are best (hello golden hour) as the sun is closer to the horizon and more likely to enter your scene

you’ll want to use the flare to enhance the rest of your image but not erase it. do NOT let it cover too much space!

take several shots from slightly different angles

if your image is already too busy, containing lots of items that crave attention, then the lens flare might do more harm than good

if you don’t want lens flare

use a lens hood. it helps in most cases

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