shallow depth of field

There can’t be a photo blog without discussing this topic a number of times 🙂

depth of field, also known as DOF, is that space that will appear clear in a photo. the distance between the first and the last object that will be focused

depth of field is one of the most important thing to know and control in photography

why is it so important?

because it allows you to ‘isolate’ the subject. Like in the photo above. Everything except the subject is blurred so the chosen subject stands out and has more impact.

how do you ‘isolate’ the subject?

you use a shallow depth of field. the clarity area is small. in the example photo above the DOF is even too shallow. ideally the whole flower would have been in focus, but nothing else

how do you control the DOF?

you can find lots of formulas on the net. the easiest way is to use the aperture (the opening of the lens). but it’s easy to be confused when you’re a beginner

you know how people squint when trying to see something in the distance?

just like that, you need to close your aperture when you want a wide DOF and open it wide when you’re going for the shallow DOF which isolates your subject

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