brighten the short grey days

November. There’s so little natural light here in Sweden and it can happen that one doesn’t see the sun for weeks. It’s grey, sad and often wet. One starts to watch tv and the camera is forgotten until spring…

Nope. I don’t like that and I’m going to fight it!

I’ve been googling and thinking about all possible photo subjects to help my photo habits survive the winter. It turns out there are quite of number a things to choose from! Interested?

Here are my favourite winter photography options. Please tell me yours!

long exposures

amusement parks

portraits for holiday cards

artsan fairs

city lights

light painting

household items

black and white


puddle reflections

snowflakes, if any

If competition interests you try the photo apps here. They have regular challenges where you can get new ideas.

If selling your pictures motivates you, register for some of these stock photography agencies. They are gladly sending out lists of subjects their clients are looking for!

Here’s another idea, if all others are exhausted: start with the letter A and shoot something beginning with A. Continue with a new letter each day. When finished move to numbers 😉

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