time for black and white?

Why does black and white look so good on portraits? When is bw a good idea? Why even use black and white?

If you think of it as a sort of extreme filter, using black and white can dramatically improve your photo – or dramatically ruin it. So what to do, if trial and error is too time-consuming?

1. Shoot in colour to start with. That leaves all options open.

2. Decide if colour is not very important for your photo, or if it’s even distracting.

3. Look at this list of qualities black and white can bring instead:




adds drama

romantic athmosphere

4. Look at these ideal bw subjects:


high contrast image


The photo above is taken in the middle of a busy, colourful party but I love it ‘simplified’ like this. What do you think of it as a black and white?

Follow this page for more tips! Comments and praise most welcome 😉

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