review: Picfair

The first thing people cringe about when discussing selling photos is the idea that they’d lose them. That is NOT the case.

Picfair, just like stock photo agencies, offers a platform where you can sell – but you can also sell everywhere else. The photos continue to be yours.

So now that we got that out of the way…

Did you hear about Picfair and wonder if it’s any good? So did I! I’ve been using Picfair for quite a while now so here are my thoughts.

how to start with Picfair

  • register for a free account
  • upload a profile photo and fill your profile details
  • upload up to 50 tagged, titled, good quality images
  • choose your prices
  • wait for moderation – see if your images are accepted
  • publish your store


  • use any camera, including phones
  • see that the images are of good quality
  • tag and title your pictures


  • no watermarks
  • no text
  • no illustrations/paintings/CGI

do you need the plus (paid) version?

Probably not in the beginning. The plus version is currently at least 79.90 euros per year so you might want to test with the free one. Here are the prices and the feature comparison table.

can you make money on Picfair?

Yes – but don’t think it’s a walk in the park… You’ll need a really big library, some unique images, some luck or all of the above.

is there any reason to use Picfair at all?


  1. It can be a great starting point for your picture-selling as the technical quality screening seems to be less strict than that of big stock agencies
  2. It’s easy to set up and start
  3. It uses the EXIF info from your image so you don’t have to manually add tags and info if you already did that in Lightroom or something similar
  4. You can choose your prices and if you DO sell something you don’t have to pay the agency (unlike stock). Picfair=fair and that is a really good incentive if you ask me
  5. It gives you a free option for a small portfolio shop, free marketing tips and free access to a great educational resource – Focus

I’m really curious what YOU think about Picfair if you use it. Please comment if you do or if you have questions!

Where is my Picfair page? Here

Did I sell anything on Picfair in nearly a year? No

Do I have more than 50 images uploaded? No

Do I use the plus version? Yes, I am now testing it’s benefits. Guess I’ll be back with another article later 😉

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