happy holidays!

Have a wonderful time with your loved ones, keep safe and take lots of pictures!! Just in case I don’t post anything else before Christmas 🙂

New York Photography Awards Winner

I am happy and honoured to be a winner in the New York Photography Awards category Fine art – Street, with the photo ‘Dust in the wind’. Here is a direct link to my entry in the awards contest, while clicking the one above will take you the winners gallery. Long exposure is a wonderful…


Don’t you love ideas like this? I absolutely adore ideas and especially getting my own good ideas! You know, that feeling that you are on to something great, when you are happy doing your thing and work is suddenly a walk in the park because you no longer feel the time flying by. No, this…

silent communication

I stumbled upon the concept of silent communication a few days ago and I keep thinking about it. Isn’t that what photography is? Communication without words… No sounds but still a voice and sometimes a very loud one! If you can capture this in your images then you’re on your way to powerful conceptual photography….

Peace of mind

I’ve been indoors the whole week (quarantine) and it has seriously affected my inspiration. But today it all started to feel better. I am so thankful that all in this little family are feeling well and healthy! No tips today. Just an observation that struggle to perform is not worth it. Struggling against your feelings…