New York Photography Awards Winner

A passing by

I am happy and honoured to be a winner in the New York Photography Awards category Fine art – Street, with the photo ‘Dust in the wind’.

Here is a direct link to my entry in the awards contest, while clicking the one above will take you the winners gallery.

Long exposure is a wonderful tool for creating ghostly shadows and it was a natural choice in this particular situation.

I shot the photo in a dark mood. I was waiting for a train in Copenhagen Central and people were passing by, going out of sight. I thought about life and how people leave it just the same. The train station is such a good metaphor for the world left behind while people board a train to ‘the next adventure’. But memories remain, just like fading light impressions on a photo.

If you like Harry Potter you’ll probably remember the white ‘train station’ scene in the last book. I didn’t think about it at the time but it must have been engraved in my subconscious…

The awarded image is available for sale on Picfair.

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