flight photography

Happy New Year!!!

2022, a brand new ’page’ to write! A little exciting!

I started the new year with a week-long travel to Bucharest. While there I took no photos except a couple of screenshots and fast phone captures. No Real photos in other words 😉

I’m a bit surprised at myself but I guess priorities can shuffle while struggling to make progress through a bureaucratic maze and trying to spend as much time as possible with the family.

Also, 2021 has been a full year with fantastic achievements in my photography journey, from starting to sell my images to a honorable mention at IPA and to the silver at NY photography awards. I worked a lot and felt that I really needed – and deserved – some time off doing nothing.

And nothing is exactly what I did during the whole extended holiday period! It was great! The blog had to wait for better days 🙂

The Canon R6 came out once only during this trip to Romania, in the plane, while flying over the Carpathian Mountains. Have you ever been there? They are not as high as the Alps but spectacular and mostly wild.

From above, the snow looked like a satin blanket. The curved moon-shaped mountain is Piatra Craiului (The rock of the Prince), known for its scree slopes and karstic formations. The highest peak reaches 2238m.

But back to the main subject of this blog: photo shooting. How do you do a decent job through a plane window? Here are my few tips:

wear black to avoid light reflections

try covering the window area with your body, for the same reason

focus at a far distance of course

do some dehaze and noise reduction in post-processing

If you have more tips please share in the comments!

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