Garden finds

This week was hard, intensive and marked by continuous lower back pain for me. Even though the acute lumbago pain was over within a day, the difuse pain is still here combined with a disturbing inflexibility of the body. The whole experience with the medical system while not being able to walk left me seriously shaken.

If there is a positive to all this it is that I am more determined then ever to regain flexibility by exercise and to continue with inner-healing work.

Today I finally picked up the camera for the first time this week and it was a great feeling. I went out exploring… the garden 🙂 Good enough! Here’s what I found.

Herbs such as lavender, wormwood and marjoram plus one of my big ‘cafe latte’ dahlias

Lots of very pretty amanita muscaria mushrooms!! They had to be removed for safety reasons 😬

Water droplets emerging from the drip hose of the blueberry plants. I love the red colour of these plants leaves in the autumn.

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  1. Great and delicate colors and coposition!


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