Photo marathon – my winner images

Have you ever participated in a photo marathon? I haven’t – until this year. And it’s SO MUCH FUN!!

Indeed it’s nothing one can do alone. You need a group of equally photo-crazy people ready to run around town taking pictures…

The one I participated in was organised by my photo club, Helsingborgsfotoklubb. I was allowed to take along my daughter – we had planned to spend the day together. She had almost as much fun as I did! 😃

The marathon went like this: we all gathered at the agreed location and received a list of themes or tasks. We had several hours to go around and take photos. They had to be in the exact order as on the list. One could take several photos and delete the not-so-great but not go back to a previous theme.

One would then leave the SD card straight from the camera. No edits!

These were the subjects, in order, and they could be interpreted freely

  • On wheels
  • Animals
  • Modern architecture
  • Autumnal
  • Self portrait
  • Sweet
  • Packaging
  • Old
  • On water
  • Focus

Since I’ve never been in a photo marathon before, and I’m quite new in the photo club too, I had no expectations at all but only a lot of fun!

Last week, about a month after the event, we got to know the winners during one of the regular club meetings. Five of my images didn’t even make it to the short list. But the other five took the first place in their respective categories 😬

So, even though I didn’t have the most points, I won the whole event!

I’ll spare you the uninspired photos. Here are the winners, some slighted edited 🙂

Modern architecture (edited)
Sweet (edited)

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